Our Healing Centers

Making medicine more accessible to those in need

Progressive & Alternative Protocols

Dr. Chiriano and Mr. Shirreffs opened VivaLife Healing Centers with the purpose of providing solutions through a core practice of regenerative-based treatments augmented with ancillary and alternative vanguard protocols.

The staff of VivaLife Healing Centers administers these treatments and protocols in a warm and inviting environment that promotse healing.

regenerative-based treatments

At our healing centers, patients have access to ongoing treatment protocols to maximize the benefits of the core treatments. Lifestyle and nutritional counseling, electroceuticals, and nutraceuticals are some of the treatments utilized to ensure that the benefits achieved will not be diminished in the long-term for the patient. 

All treatments are administered through a treatment program specifically designed for each patient. In addition to working with and for our patients, VivaLife Healing Centers engages in and collaborates with various health professionals and technologies to promote local and regional health and wellness.

VivaLife: Aiming for excellence.

Today, there is a void in the medical care field between accepted protocols that are covered by insurance and cutting edge, alternative protocols that require the patient to pay out-of-pocket. Within this medical vacuum are a few pioneering doctors pushing the envelope in order to help their patients and many others who are promoting treatments that do not meet accepted standards of care. Many of these cutting edge and alternative treatments are substantially safer and more effective than conventional treatments and/or drug protocols when properly administered.

We believe that  regenerative biologics and other new, less-invasive treatments that minimize patient trauma are the future of medicine and that disruption of the medical and pharmacological fields is imminent.

One of the realities that must be dealt with is that a large segment of those desiring to be our patients will not have the financial ability to avail themselves of this level of care. We address this issue by working with a medical finance company to ensure that patients will have a means of obtaining the care that they need. We are also exploring charitable opportunities that will help patients with financial challenges.

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