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Dr. Chiriano


Thank you for your interest in VivaLife Healing Centers! I’ve been in practice for over 10 years and am an advocate and provider of innovative protocols that provide hope, healing, and an improved quality of life… for every body!

Reshaping the Medical Industry and the Healing Process

THE QUEST TO HEAL – When someone you love is faced with life-altering conditions that conventional medicine can’t seem to manage, what do you do? As a Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Jason Chiriano experienced this and soon realized that the protocols that were being utilized to treat patients weren’t adequate to promote the body’s true healing potential.

With the support of his colleague, Mr. Shirreffs, Dr. Chiriano embarked on a quest to find treatments and protocols that would bring true, long-term healing to the whole person.

Along with the insights and knowledge that he’s garnered from his experiences on the front line as the chief surgeon and medical director of a hospital, Dr. Chiriano lends his perspectives regarding how to maintain a healthy immune system and help our friends, family, and communities stay healthy.

Having studied the conventional protocols used to treat patients, Dr. Chiriano has found that they are not as beneficial to patients’ healing as needed. His studies in conjunction with his passion for maximizing health and wellness in the world has lead Dr. Chiriano to VivaLife Healing Centers.

This coaction is Dr. Chiriano’s platform to provide hope and healing to every body, for everybody. He utilizes groundbreaking protocols to treat each patient as a whole person and unique individual. These proprietary protocols provide hope and healing for every body.

Pioneering Noninvasive Healing

The focus on regenerative modalities includes stem cells and derivative biologic products in harmony with ancillary therapies to maximize the success of our proprietary protocols and improve the long-term quality of life for patients.

Accessible Treatments

Dr. Chiriano practices treatments such as regenerative biologics, light therapy, pulsed electromagnetics, micro-current, and synchronized therapies. The goal is to optimize health and healing for patients and those around them.

"I'm eager to reshape the medical industry by creating innovative treatments and practices that will help patients achieve the true healing they deserve and that I strive to provide. I look forward to meeting you and improving your quality of life."