Frequently Asked Questions


How can VivaLife Healing Centers help me?

Though you may have not been able to previously find help for aches, pains, and chronic conditions in the past, VivaLife Healing Centers offers new and innovative treatments that provide benefits for most patients. 


How long will these treatments take?

A customary visit for an established patient can vary from 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on the condition(s) being treated. The average initial treatment program is once weekly for 4 to 6 weeks. Complex or chronic conditions may require a more intense or longer treatment program.


How much do the treatments cost?

While we can give you a ballpark estimate for specific procedures, until you’ve have had a consultation with the doctor to determine your needs and prescribed protocol, any fees provided would be a guess and could vary substantially from what you will be told during your consultation appointment. Please schedule a consultation for treatment cost.


Does insurance cover these treatments?

At this time treatment is not covered by insurance. However, we will be sure to provide updates regarding this matter if applicable.


Does VivaLife Healing Centers offer financing?

We work with a trusted financing partner, Care Credit, which is a healthcare credit card designed specifically for your health and wellness. We also accept all major credit cards.


Will I have to take off work after the treatment?

Not typically. Depending on the treatment(s) prescribed, there may be a rest period when you should “take it easy.” Please ask your doctor during your consultation for specific instructions. 

Virtual Consultations

Your health is our priority, that's why our healing centers are happy to offer telephone and online consultations as risk mitigation for patients and staff.

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