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The Rancho Cucamonga VivaLife Healing Centers office is happy to announce that we’re open!

During this time of uncertainty, our appointment-only policy allows us to make sure your health is addressed without compromising safety. Please call and set up a consultation today!

This information is provided for us to create easier opportunities and accessibility for the community when addressing how to cope with the current circumstances and make health-related decisions that are beneficial. 


*Depending on circumstances mobile treatment may be arranged.


We’re pleased to offer remote solutions* such as telephonic and virtual consultations. Contact us to discuss medical concerns you’re dealing with and our clinicians will develop a customized treatment plan for you.

Contact us regarding Dr. Chiriano’s availability to participate as a presenter or contributing speaker in educational and informative programs and events. Dr. Chiriano’s insights and perspectives as chief surgeon and medical director will be beneficial.

If you’re interested in joining Dr. Chiriano in virtual events, including online Q&A sessions, fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page and note any ideas you would like to discuss. You can also email us for direct booking or to arrange joint ventures or collaborations. 

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Your health is our priority.

In Person

In Person

The Rancho Cucamonga VivaLife Healing Centers office is open and currently accepting new patients. We have an updated appointment process and are taking our usual following measures to promote optimal safety:

Keep masks on (unless otherwise stated for medical purposes)

Limit amount of people in the space

Sanitize each room after use

We’re accepting new patients and look forward to talking with you, whether in-person or via phone or video consultation. Schedule an online appointment or virtual consultation on our Contact page. Welcome!

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